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Wednesday, 1 June 2022

The Causes Of Impotence In Men And Its Treatment


Impotence in men can be caused by any of the factors listed below.

1. Neurological conditions

Impotence is more likely to develop as a result of neurological diseases that impair the brain's capacity to interact with the reproductive system, making an erection difficult to achieve.

2. Heart disease

When the heart has a health problem, its ability to pump blood well deteriorates, which has an impact on sexual ability. It will not be possible to have an erection if there is insufficient blood supply to the male genital organs.

3. Endocrine problems

The endocrine system of the body produces hormones that assist regulate metabolism, sexual capacity, and mood, and when these hormones are disturbed by endocrine illnesses, the risks of erectile dysfunction increase.

However, here are the specifics about impotence treatment:

Treatment options differ depending on the reason of impotence in each individual. If the cause of impotence is organic, it should be treated by a venereal disease expert; if it is psychological, it should be treated by a psychiatrist or a sexologist.

The venereologist's function

If the doctor is certain that the patient's limitation is mostly organic and that the patient has a stable marital and psychological life, he will begin treating the organic problem with medications and sexual stimulants such as Viagra and Levitra, which are sold in pharmacies and medical facilities. As a final option, a surgical procedure in which an artificial erection device is placed is performed.

It is also possible to use an ointment for the male sexual organ to aid in erection, which has no adverse effects like drugs or the direct application of steroids vaccination. If these medications don't work, steroids are injected directly into the organ to help it get erect during sexual activity.

The psychiatrist's or sexologist's role

The sexologist can advise the patient on various treatment options, such as simple counsel or long-term psychotherapy sessions, as well as providing relevant drugs. In psychotherapy sessions, the professional might bring the two spouses together to investigate the psychological roots of impotence.

Changing the lifestyle of the spouses is one of the most essential strategies that a psychiatrist or sexologist is certain of in dealing with impotence.

Even when confronted with a powerful contemporary woman who is always demanding the fulfillment of her sexual need, a person must have faith in himself.

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