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Tuesday, 8 February 2022

What You Need To Know About Telematics

All haulage jobs are powered by telematics technology. We all come into contact with this tool virtually every day, as it covers telecommunications, road transit, road safety, automobile technology, and more. Many transport workers, on the other hand, find the whole thing a little puzzling.

Recently, fleet, finance, and business managers from throughout the country were polled on the thorny subject of telematics, allowing us to finally figure out why this technology is so useful to the logistics industry.

1. Cost-Effective

Many people mistakenly feel that telematics is not worth the investment, and 44% of those polled stated that they chose not to utilize it to save money. Those who do invest in their fleets, on the other hand, quickly realize that there are long-term savings to be had. Account Management software helps reduce fuel use on haulage jobs, lowering your costs dramatically.

 2. Improves Performance

The majority of managers who took part in the poll agreed that telematics helped with problem driving. Before adopting the technology, a quarter of those polled indicated they experienced concerns with performance, such as wasting fuel and taking inefficient routes. Because the technology allows users to track haulage jobs on the road, fleet management can maintain a constant check on driver performance. Not only will you save money, but your clients will be pleased as well, thanks to improved staff behavior behind the wheel!

3. Appreciated by Drivers

Employees loathe being overly monitored, which is why many managers are hesitant of inciting unneeded conflict among their employees. Constant monitoring may be interpreted as a result of a lack of confidence. Only 5% of those surveyed claimed that using telematics has resulted in unfavorable feedback from their drivers. The best course of action is to notify your drivers that the software will be installed and to explain exactly what will be measured. This will encourage them to enhance their work without giving the appearance that they are being watched without their knowledge. This was the course of action taken by 90% of industry leaders.

4. Gives Peace of Mind

Although telematics has various applications in the haulage business, such as enhancing fuel efficiency, many of those polled responded that the ability to follow haulage jobs in real time was the feature that they valued the most. This information allows fleet managers to deliver accurate and timely updates to clients while also giving them peace of mind, knowing that all of their loads are safe and will arrive on time. The real-time data allows you to respond as quickly as possible to issues, such as late deliveries or road accidents, minimizing the impact on your customers and business.

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