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Saturday, 5 February 2022

The following are some of the most important reasons why you need a professional divorce lawyer.


Marriages must be registered in most countries' legal systems since they are contracts. There should be no issues on the surface. Religious organizations, on the other hand, kept silent for reasons too many to discuss in this essay, allowing secular institutions to have the final say on one of the country's oldest sacraments. In some areas, the courts have usurped the power of religious institutions when it comes to defining and quantifying the qualifications or prerequisites for marriage.


Marriage is a sacred ceremony that must be observed and validated in a court of law or in the presence of a court officer since it is a legal contract. Marriage is a "Sacred Sacrament" or spiritual bond in its purest form, whose laws, eligibility, definition, and beneficiaries may only be imposed by God's authorized representatives. If legal institutions decide that they can bridge the gap between "church" and "state," their laws can empower courts to organize and institute carnal marriage if they so wish. Religious institutions must recognize that they must give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to God what is God's. There should be no ambiguity in terms of spirituality.


When religious organizations began to recognize carnally instituted unions by permitting them to be called "marriages," the presence of God in those assemblies lessened; miracles stopped, and instead of marriages being blessed unions, other forms of unions emerged. In some cases, agreements to live together until death were not worth the paper they were written on. Let us remember that God and His genuine blessed agents established marriage as a spiritual bond between a man and female desiring to raise and care for a family—until either partner's death.

After all, it is churches, temples, and mosques that determine who is eligible for Baptism, which is a separate sacrament. In honoring and recording the beneficiaries of the Baptismal rites, the state collaborates with religious institutions. Why don't the courts get on board with Baptism? Simple: the devil is well aware that tots have at least 15 years of grace left.

The original sacrament with guidelines for preventing spiritual diseases has given way to all types of teachers—not necessarily trained in comprehending spiritual things—since sleeping religious elders permitted the courts to decide who or what constitutes a marriage. As a result, people who don't comprehend spiritual topics will offer spiritual advise, often to the harm of well-intentioned partners.


Apart from weak caretakers diluting God's sacraments, secular marriage counselors are employing the same approach that has been destroying relationships for the past century: picking spouses solely on the basis of external looks and physical needs. Have you ever purchased a vehicle solely based on the shape or appearance of the body?

I'd never claim to be an authority on marriage. I will, however, make no apologies for the fact that I am on a spiritual repair mission. I use radio, television, and print media to educate people about how Satan wrecked the first marriage on Earth, and how he continues to be the best marriage destroyer to this day. We must first and foremost match personalities since they symbolize our spiritual make-ups. Because he or she is attractive on the outside, an irritable and haughty person will not change. Examine how a person acts with youngsters, strangers, and elders, as well as how he or she reacts when the best-laid intentions go awry.

People should always take heed of a person's family law past, in my opinion. Keep an eye out for lingering wounds and unresolved disputes, which could indicate the presence of spiritually unsettling seeds. I educate the types of spiritual seeds that damage marriages using those analyses. I also aim to teach men how to locate their missing ribs and women how to recognize the different sorts of ribs that have been spiritually implanted in them so that they can discover their genuine soul mates. It's not a game of chance. Men who do not seek spiritual fulfillment act like dogs looking for a stray bone.

Humans are vehicles meant to convey either a good or a bad spirit, or "incompatible personalities." Wise people don't buy cars solely on the basis of their appearance: they want trustworthy electronics, as well as engine and gear parts that are in good working order. So why do we desire to choose a lifetime vehicle just based on carnal characteristics? We're playing Russian Roulette, and someone has to get harmed at some point. Perhaps we were following incorrect legal advice and utilizing the wrong formula.

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