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Tuesday, 1 February 2022

If I'm hit by an 18-wheeler or a commercial vehicle, do I really need a lawyer?


Your injuries are costly, and those who are guilty will fight to avoid paying for them. You need a truck accident lawyer. Our law firm has decades of expertise fighting large trucking corporations and their insurance carriers for monies that our clients are legally entitled to after being injured in a huge truck accident.

Keep in mind that trucking companies and the insurers who represent them spend a lot of money on their own lawyers. If you make a significant claim or file a lawsuit against them, this could include your case against them.

Those businesses do not make money by paying what they are legally obligated to pay when their negligence results in a truck accident damage or death. Instead, they aim to avoid paying for such losses in any manner they can.

As a result, you should be cautious of trucking businesses right once. When you have an injury claim, it's best not to contact a truck business at all — and if you do, don't sign anything for the truck company without first consulting a truck accident injury lawyer.

Also, be careful that if you call, a trucking company may record your call and ask you leading questions in order to misrepresent your case and minimize the severity of your claim.

Aside from that, if you try to deal with a truck company or its insurance on your own, they may offer you nothing or a settlement significantly below the value of your injuries – even if they try to sound helpful and compassionate.

Despite evidence showing the accident was caused by the trucker's or trucking company's negligence, truck line staff may try to make you feel guilty for it.

If you contact the trucking business or its insurer on your own, they are almost certain to try to take advantage of you by refusing to pay or simply paying a small sum.

Trucking businesses may also try to discourage you from continuing by constantly delaying or creating excuses for your claim. Alternatively, they may cast doubt on the long-term consequences of your injury while attempting to shift blame for the mishap onto you.

For these reasons, it is strongly advised that you do not call a trucking firm on your own. Instead, make the first call to an Adler truck accident lawyer. Let us take care of dealing with the trucking company or insurance company on your behalf.

Our truck accident attorneys know how much different types of injuries are worth in terms of monetary compensation, and they will fight for your right to receive it. They won't take a low-ball settlement offer from an insurance adjuster or a trucking business at face value. Rather, they will battle for you and what you are entitled to.

Having an injury lawyer on your side can help you avoid being taken advantage of by the trucking business or insurance company. They know they have to treat your claim seriously when you're represented by a qualified truck accident injury attorney, and they can't expect you to accept an absurdly low offer.

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