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news, gossip, food of the spirit, sport and beauty tips

Friday, 4 December 2020

Nothing is worth dying for

Nothing in this planet earth worth dying for because whatever you achieve on earth ends here on earth you will never be buried with it, all your effort will go down to 6fit, the living will enjoy all you have achieved while you still go to hell what the need.

Let's take example of a Zimbabwe socialite who flaunt his latest  Rolls Royce before going to a party and he end up his life  on the road, now all of his mansions and beautiful cars was left behind now another person who don’t know the price he paid before getting those thing will start enjoying it.

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So my brothers and sisters everything on this earth is meaningless without Christ remember bible said seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness every other thing shall be added unto you matthew6:33

Am not condemning good things, good cars and big mansion is good, living the life you dream of is good but let it be pleasant to God almighty, will you make heaven if you die tomorrow? That should be your number 1 priority.

I know that is not everybody that is running this heavenly race but if you are on the track check your self and see if you are living the life that please God.

Me personally I love good things but I will not soil my hand because I want to get them and lose heaven at the last day.


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