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Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Veteran actor, Yekini Oyedele 'Baba Legba' is dead

Veteran Nollywood actor, Yekini Oyedele popularly known as Baba Legba is dead. The actor died in the early hours of Monday September 7. 


Before his death, Baba Legba was known for playing comic roles along with Baba Sala.


Comedian, Adejumo Boisala Emmanuel who announced his death wrote; 

Alhaji Yekini Oyedele popularly known as Babalegba died in the early hours of today (midnight precisely)

He joined Alawada Theatre Group in 1974 and was playing comic roles along with Baba Sala, sometimes he played Babalawo, Police officer but most time one comic role to another. He is a friend of the family and supporter of my Daddy till his death. He used to be called Sunday Ikubolaje then before he went to Mecca and he turned muslim.

Personally, he contributed a lot to my success too.

May your soul rest in perfect peace, baba.

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