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Wednesday, 8 July 2020

 I get really scared to send ppl 20k because I feel like they’ll be cursing me in their minds, Laura lkeji.

Luara ikeji, the sister to celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji's has opened up on her fear to help people.

The mother of two took to her social media to disclose how scared she gets whenever she wants to help people in need as they never seem to appreciate her kind gestures, instead, they undermine her extended arm of help.

According to her, she feels many people expect her to send them more than what she has in mind to send to them, and so they don’t get to appreciate her for her good deeds.

She Wrote:

"I see people being given 5k ,10k in the streets of naija and they thank their helpers in tears and serious appreciate, me I give some of my staff, friends and extended family 50k or 100k some of them send thanks as text messages or say thank u but I need extra for bla bla bla

Infact I get really scared to send ppl 20k because I feel like they’ll be cursing me in their minds. When I return to naija I’ll hit the streets, I love their genuine appreciation. Shoutout to ppl reaching out. God bless you guys".

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