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Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Actor, Brown and wife welcome a child after 10 years of marriage

Nollywood actor, Brown Igboegwu has welcomed a baby girl with his wife Igboegwu Becky Udoka, after 10 years of marriage.


It is the couple's first child and Brown took to Instagram to recount how he was subjected to ridicule while waiting to have a child of his own.


He said he was mocked and was even advised to take another wife or get another woman pregnant. But he ignored those voices and waited on God.



Announcing the news of his child's birth, he wrote: "Get another wife time no dey, age is no longer on her side, find a girl and give belle at least time no dey ooo, Browny hmmmm you dey try for how long you go wait, oya adopt baby first as you dey wait, all these Asaba girls who knows what she has done that she can’t conceive, hmmmm is it by buying new car? Let him born naaa, you no go understand bc you never born, don’t worry when you born you will understand, I love this couple you will never know they don’t have a child, God help them even if it’s one, your children must be up to four now it’s been long you got married. All these and so many others were the words from people’s mouth, you can imagine how I felt all these while hearing all these from both people who feel my pain and those who mock me. I silently took it to God in prayer and today, my wife and I have reason to say thank you lord. Congratulations @becky_browny."



He added in another post, "All I have to say is thank you Lord. I don’t have no prayer point anymore @becky_browny. it’s worth the waiting."

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