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Saturday, 16 May 2020

Video: Victoria Inyama recounts the inhumane treatment her ex-husband allegedly subjected her to.

Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama in an Instalive chat with UK based mental health advocate Malin Anderson, narrated her bitter experience  her ex-husband, Godwin Okri.

The actress stated that her ex-husband maltreated her, adding that she lived in fear as her ex allegedly threatened to kill her if she failed to do his bidding.

Victoria Inyama further stated that when she wanted to divorce him, he turned it down and also insisted that she is his property.

The actress also shared how she was arrested  by he ex-husband for trying to protect herself and her three kids. She also accused her ex-husband of feeding their son a food he was allergic to, adding that also dislocated the arms of their daughter.

She said;

“I was scared because he would tell me ‘I know a lot of people in prison, my clients that owe me a lot of favour because they didn’t do long term and I’ll just waste you and nothing is going to happen.’ At that point I just told him that I’m ready to die, I’m not coming back to you, he said alright, we will see about that.

“He would bring his girlfriends to my house to drop off the kids and one day I said can we just go for a divorce and he said you can’t divorce me, I own you, you are my property, divorce me? I said you’ve moved on, you are living with another woman in your house, he said ‘so? you are not in my house anymore, there has to be a woman in my house’ and I requested a divorce.

”He went on to say ‘first of all you cant divorce me and second of all, which man is going to want a woman with three kids? Oh, you think its because you’ve gone to the university that you think you are now intelligent? You are not intelligent.

“I was arrested in front of my kids and locked up for 12 hours. That was my most humiliating moment in life.”

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