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Monday, 18 May 2020

video: Commotion in Agulu as locals uncover fetish objects in a church

A video recorded in Agulu, Anambra State, shows residents uncovering fetish objects in a church in their village.


The church is said to be a Sabbath church and a woman is in charge. The woman is said to be on the run, according to voices in the video.


In the video, idols are seen lying all over the floor. The idols were tied with wrappers.


People's photos, baptismal cards, ID cards and international passports were also seen at the scene. The person recording claims the photos are of people killed.


A mirror was also found in the church. The man claimed the mirror is used to invoke people.


Locals gathered at the church, looking on in horror as more fetish objects were uncovered.

The man filming also spoke about a fridge that had blood in it.


He warned people about visiting prayer houses in search of miracles without knowing the source of their power.


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