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Saturday, 25 April 2020

Video: 2 teenage girls accuse young man and his friends of forcefully initiating them into a cult by raping and making them pay an initiation fee in Anambra.

Two girls from a village in Nanka, Anambra State, have accused at least 10 boys of forcefully initiating them into a cult by raping them and making them pay a fee. However, one of the boys who was caught is telling a more shocking story.


The young boy, stripped half naked in the video, was accused by two young girls of luring them to a bush where he and his friends beat them, raped them and threatened them to pay money to them.


The girls, both from Nanka, while being questioned by older men in the community, claimed that the boy who has been caught invited them out for a drink and they went with him. However, rather than take them to a bar, he took them to a cashew plantation where other boys then came out of the bush.


They claim that they tried to run but the boys, who were many, overpowered them, beat them up, and blindfolded them. When asked how many the boys were, the girls guestimated that they were about 10.


They said the boys then took turns in raping them after threatening that they had guns. After raping them, the girls said they informed them that they are now members of a cult. They then threatened them to pay an initiation fee, adding that failure to do so will lead to the death of their mothers.


The girls said they promised to pay out of fear because the boys said they had guns and will not hesitate to use them.


However, one of the boys who was caught, said it was the girls who came to meet him, pleading that they wanted to become cult members because they were tired of rolling with small boys. He said he asked if they were sure that they wanted to join and they said yes. He said he informed them of what it entails to join.


He claims he told them that they will be beaten, raped, and they will also pay a fee and they agreed and went willingly with him to be raped by his friends.


When the girls were asked if this is true by the men in the community, they said they never asked to join a cult and that the boy was lying. However, the boy insisted that he's telling the truth and the girls are lying.

Here is the video of the youths being interrogated.

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