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Sunday, 8 March 2020

People never celebrate good news - Bobrisky reacts after Police detention

Bobrisky has reacted to his recent detention in a Police cell after he was alleged to have defrauded a woman of a huge sum of money.

Taking to his SnapChat, the controversial socialite wrote that it is quite painful that people never celebrate good news, but would rather jump at a story once it has to do with the downfall of a man.
Bobrisky then went further to say he’s the strongest person in the world and nothing can break him.

His posts reads;
This will be the best song you’d listen to today: Kayode – Sideguy – Click Here
People never celebrate good news when it happen to someone they know.
Wait till something bad happens or any bad gist, You will see them happy and gossiping.
It is sad the SOCIETY and the ECONOMY has turned some peole to zoo… they love to watch their fellow human downfall. It’s a pity.
Well… I really do not care because i am one of the STRONGEST person on earth. Nothing can bring me down. I have not seen that thing yet!
Before i decided to choose this path of my life, I’m already well prepared for haters and losers. Nothing meet me unexpected.
I am a special soul from God made to be totally different from everybody.

Bobrisky is alleged to have defrauded a business partner to the tune of N7million. Reports have it that the socialite failed to remit proceeds from their business deal and the other party decided to get him arrested.
It is not clear if he has been released from Police detention.

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