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Monday, 6 January 2020

Photos: Nigerian man narrates how he and his newly married younger sister fought each other after she refused to wash his clothes.

Fanta Boy Ekwem from Umuchu, Anambra state, took to a popular Facebook group on Monday January 7, to bitterly lament how his younger sister ''insulted and fought him'' back earlier today after he demanded to know why she did not wash his clothes as he instructed.


According to him, the sister is not 'fully married' as the fiance has only done introduction and paid her bride price. He stated that she still lives in their family house and will remain there until her fiance concludes the final traditional rights on Easter day.



Sharing a photo of himself wearing a shirt allegedly torn by his younger sister during their fight, Ekwem wrote;

I don't normally bring up my family issues online but I have to do this for you guys to judge it, because everybody who were here when it happened was on her side.

She is married and so fucking what? Am just so sad this morning, this thing that happened today won't end just like this I swear.

We have four girls in our family two out of the four girls senior me, and I senior two, one of the girls who I senior got married(the guy just did introduction and small something on her head) she is still in our family because the guy is yet to finish up the traditional rights according to the igbo culture.

So yesterday I was going out I bring out my Dirty clothes as you can see it on the pictures, I told her to wash the clothes for me so that today I will go back to base with them. She didn't talk to me I left. I came back in the night and went to bed I didn't ask of the clothes I told her to wash.

This morning I woke up around 6AM to park my things so I can start going back to Lagos, I called her to come and give me the clothes she washed for me, she didn't even talk to me. I said okay let me go to the back yard to check if she sprayed it there. I met my cloths on the same spot I left it for her to wash yesterday.

I asked her why didn't she wash my cloths for me, she didn't talk to me again, I told her to leave whatever she is doing this morning to wash my cloths for me or else I will deal with her. Immediately I said that she started running her mouth. Saying things like..."don't you know that am married now(imaro na m alu go di) why will you tell me to wash clothes for you, now is not that time please don't disturb me(all these was what she was saying). I said to her "which kind yeye married you marry?

she started insulting me, a girl I senior with a year and 6 months talking to me this way? I got angry and hit her, I couldn't believe it she fight me back and tore my cloth.

Am crying not that she beat me but my people were siding her, everybody was against me, why will I tell her to wash clothes for me. I should give her some respect as a married girl.

You guys should judge this, not that she is fully married to the man, she is still in our house the man is coming on Easter to finish up the traditional rights.....Look at my cloth how she tear it.


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