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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Manchester United cancel mid-season Middle East training camp due to safety fears


Following the downing of a Ukrainian aircraft by Iran's military and the attack on US bases in Iraq, Manchester United football club has decided to cancel it's mid-season training camp in the middle east for fear of possible military tensions between the US and Iran.

Iran has threatened to attack the UAE, Israel and other US allies in the Middle East following the US killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani while the US military has been stationed in the Middle East to quell any Iranian provocation. But Man United, a regular visitor to the Middle East by this time of the year have decided to shift it's training camp plans.


While the club will not ban players from heading to Dubai, a popular holiday destination for sports men, they have decided against taking the whole squad to the region.

"Yeah, if there is one thing that worries me it’s not on the football pitch," Man U coach Ole Gunnaer Solskjaer told reporters ahead of Manchester United's FA clash with Wolves on Wednesday.

"There are other things that will worry me more than football. We were looking at the Middle East but that is definitely not going to happen.

"I am going to give [the players] a few days off. I don't know where they will all scatter around but we will stay in Europe.

"This mid-season break will be very important for everyone and we have five or six games until then.

"We are just going to stick at it and hang in there until then, and get the performances and results and results we hope we are going to get. And get some vitamin D and get ready for the last three months."

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