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Friday, 27 December 2019

Finally Catholic priest replies MFM general overseer after he said Christmas is “unbiblical”

A Catholic priest has responded to the MFM general overseer, Daniel Olukoya, after the latter said Christmas is “unbiblical”.


Olukoya said the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) does not participate in the celebration of Christmas because no book in the bible recorded the word "Christmas" or that Jesus was born on December 25.


He added that December 25 is a date originally set aside by the ancient Romans for the Mars festival by the worshippers of the sun. Olukoya said the birth of Christ was subsequently co-opted into the same date to give the Mars festival more popularity and then renamed "Christmas".


He warned modern Christians to stop promoting such an "unbiblical" celebration. 


Responding to Olukoya, Catholic priest, Reverend Father Chinenye Oluoma, explained why Christians all over the world celebrate Jesus on the 25th of December.


 In a Facebook post titled Where Is It In The Bible?, the priest explained that there are many practices in Christianity which were not recorded in the Bible.


Oluoma stated that there are many other festivities such as Mother’s Day, cross over vigils, etc. that Christians engage in but are not in the Bible. He added that the scripture is not against their celebration.


Oluoma said: "Easter as a term is not in the Bible but we celebrate easter because it’s an event and a mystery recorded in scripture. Same with Christmas, it’s not the term or calendar date we celebrate but the event and mystery,"


Oluoma also mentioned that there are many things Christians do that are not in the Bible and "God isn’t angry at all". He added that such practices as December 31st cross over vigil, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries are also not in the Bible.





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