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Saturday, 30 November 2019

Photos: Woman tortured and thrown out of moving vehicle after entering a taxi with 'one-chance' operators in Abuja

A woman is fortunate to be alive after she was abducted by "one-chance" operators when she got into a taxi operated by them in Abuja.


Joy Chiamaka Madu narrated how she was abducted last Thursday while going home from work. She entered a taxi alongside another woman only to discover that the three men already in the taxi are criminals.


She said the men tortured them for hours. They hit and stabbed them with knives, stole their phones, ATMs and other valuables, then forced them to transfer money from their accounts.



They also forced them to call family and friends to send money to their accounts so the criminals could take them.


They were held from 9pm to 2am before being thrown out of the moving taxi.



Sharing photos of her bruises and cuts, Joy wrote: 

So last week's Thur on my way back from work I was adopted, alongside another girl...There were 3guys including the driver.

We took a green painted taxi at Gwarinpa going to Area 1.

These guys battered us, using instruments like hammer, pliers and knife.

They drove round between the hours of 9pm and 2am, within these periods they didn't stop hitting and stabbing us. They took our phones, ATM's and other valuables.

They made us call family and friends to send in more money into our account.

At about 2am when they have gotten lots of alerts, we were thrown out of the moving vehicle...

Thing is I don't know how I survived, how I didn't die from the whole beating and injury.

A very terrible experience, no one should experience.

But have come to say Thank U Jesus

Thank you for the gift of life and Preservation...

Thank u Lord for taking care of me in a very Special way

And to my Family and Friends, thank u for prompt response, u sent money like my life depends on it...My God will restore back.

Affliction shall not arise a second time....

I'm still having lots of phobias but I trust God for complete healing



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