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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Nigerian lady calls out the police for allegedly letting her attacker walk free 3 years after he allegedly tried slitting her throat with a knife

A Nigerian lady has called out the police for allegedly allowing her alleged attacker walk free three years after he almost killed her at her apartment with a knife. 


Precious Amarachi Ugo who shared a photo of her alleged attacker she identified as Mandela Onyinyechukwu Bamas, claimed that he has been walking free after the attack and not one confrontation has been made by the police.

She wrote 

"So on that faithful Sunday evening,I just came back from visiting my friend Jofac and his girl Debby, the story is quite long but I will tell you the one that happened the day I was attacked. And if you think I did anything to deserve this at all, then sorry I don’t know what to say to you.

So on that Sunday evening, I called my generator guy, he came and serviced my generator because I had not been at home for a while, he finished servicing, I put a fuel in the small tiger generator, I filled it up because I wanted to doze off before the generator will go off. That night I even made a live video on Facebook here. I was dancing to Duncan mighty, after dancing I started watching movie. I always go to bed very late.

Around 1:55am, the generator went off. I was already cussing out the generator guy that he didn’t do a good job. I didn’t even go out immediately, I went and took my bath,ate my fruits because I didn’t want to turn on the generator again since it was already midnight, after taking my bath I went outside which was just beside my apartment to carry the generator inside since my generator have been stolen once from that compound because I didn’t bring it in when it went off. Immediately I stepped out of my room and took the right bend which was were the generator is, I didn’t know someone was there but I heard hey, immediately recognizing his voice I shouted seven(which is what he popularly called) what are you doing here? I didn’t even finish that sentence then he jumped on me and went straight to my neck and started cutting it. If you’ve ever watched those boko haram boys video where they’re cutting a woman’s neck,yeah that’s how it felt. He was cutting,I was fighting back and screaming on top of my voice. He cut for a while and jumped the fence and took off. Blood was just pumping out of my neck that I started running to all my neighbors apartment knocking on their doors to help me. It was my caretaker whose house was opposite our own house that carried me with 2 of my neighbors and they took me to the hospital. The first hospital didn’t even take us in asking for police report,we had to go the police,they now came with us to the second hospital where I was stitched.

That’s all for now."

"This is the face of the perpetrator,still walking around free and not even 1 confrontation has been made, I knew how much research I went through before I could get the first picture. His name is Mandela Onyinyechukwu Bamas. I pray for every naive pure hearted lady he comes across. I really say a silent prayer for them"


She also called out a police officer, Edward Onoriode who handled the case for bringing it to social media even before making any move to arrest the suspect. 

Amarachi wrote "Dear Edward E Onoriode

You made a post on the 15th of November 2016 with pictures of when I was attacked earlier that same year around June/July. The reactions from your comment section was the same reason I didn’t run to Facebook to post about the incident when it happened because I knew how the story goes when it involves a lady but you insisted posting the pictures was the only way you would be able to arrest the perpetrator or get high ranking people to get him.

I just wanted to say hi and ask if you finally arrested the guy that almost ended my life that you insisted on plastering my face all over internet as a guarantee to get him even when I pleaded with you not to post it yet till you have him in custody. But I guess the pictures were too gory enough to get all the shares you wanted that you couldn’t resist the temptation. Even when we talked on the phone I even suggested that you don’t post it yet till I leave the country but you were so sure that you will catch someone you had no idea which part of the country he is even when you Mr Edward was not even in the country ( this you only realized after you made the post).

I was attacked 5 months before you made that post,was already healing at that moment but your post inflicted the cut a second time because I wasn’t even as depressed and scared when I got the cut because I never expected it, but yours gave me more injuries in my heart because the post were all over everywhere on the internet and yet nothing happened. And you disappeared immediately after you got what you were looking for which were the shares. You were not even patient enough to hear the story of what happened correctly because most of what you wrote on your timeline wasn’t correct,you were all about sharing it online to catch someone you didn’t even know how smart of a psycho he was.

After 3yrs I am just here to ask you Bros how far? Hope you finally got him?"


The police officer who however defended himself, said he wasn't in Nigeria at the time of the incident but tried his best to help out. See the exchange that ensued below; 


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