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Thursday, 4 July 2019

Photos: A man of 71yrs old has been arrested after he admitted raping 89-year-old neighbor

Police in Trang in southern Thailand have arrested a 71 year old man after he admitted raping an 89 year old neighbor. But when the Palian constabulary arrived, some measure of "justice" had already been meted out to Yap Chaiphak.



Naphawan, a grand daughter of the victim, admitted whacking Yap four or five times with a broom handle after he was behaving like he had done nothing.

"I admit I lost my temper," she said. "Society is not safe any more - for a neighbor to do this to my gran is just terrible".


Mia, 89, (surname withheld) was raped on Monday on a raised platform outside her house in the village of Ban Na.


Yap has admitted what he did and was taken to hospital. He had a broken arm and damaged ribs after the beating handed out by the grand daughter.


He intends to press charges for assault against her, reported Daily News.


Mia is constantly vomiting and won't eat. She is in another hospital recovering from her ordeal.

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