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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Photos: 8 people killed by generator fumes in soak-away pit in Enugu.

Tragedy struck in Igoro village in Enugu Ezike, Enugu State, as 8 people died from generator fumes after getting trapped in a soak-away pit. 


According to eyewitnesses, the 7 men had tried to save one of the men trapped in a soak-away pit he was removing dirty water from. However fumes from the generator he took into the pit was quite much and ended up killing them all.  Sharing the story, Davidson King  wrote;

Breaking New!!

This happened in a village called Igogoro in Enugu Ezike, Enugu State. According to the information, there was one Hausa man that was called to draw off the unneccessary dirty water from that soak away pit you're seen through the pipe but he ignorantly took the generator inside the pit.

So when the smoke from the generator was too much, there was no way for him to get out of the pit, when the smoke now got people's attention, they now called able young guys to rescue the hausa man, when the first person entered he was unable to get out too, the second person entered in rescue of the first but he could not come out, that was how all of the followed each other in rescue of one another till all of them died. This is more than a mystery and tragedy to me!!

Here are photos below; 


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