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Monday, 10 June 2019

Photos: 2 people has died as many lost their lives in a terrible accident that happened at Oko polytechnic in Anambra state

A tragedy has struck  along Oko polytechnic school in Anambra state as tricycle ramp  into a tipper loaded with sand.
According to the reports the tricycle driver escape while an old woman and a student died instantly as many injured. 
Ready below.
Their was a fatale accident in oko  just at the front of st peters Catholic church Oko  a lady dies instantly many were terribly injured praying to survive the injury
A tipper filled with sand lost it's break and crushed a full loaded keke. One old woman,a student and a Yoruba woman that sells medicine. The old woman and the student lost their lives instantly while they Yoruba woman rushed to a hospital. As for the keke man he was fortunate enough to jump out of the keke when he noticed the tipper has loosed control.
Oh God in this our last semester none of us shall be missing.

Where they road is thirsty for blood, we won't be found there.I decree that our parents will reap the fruit of their labour and none of them shall ever know our grave in Jesus name

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