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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Slay Queen has reportedly dies after using her for Money Ritual by internet fraudster.


A beautiful Nigerian slay queen, Sarah IIaya has died after falling sick. She died in Eko-Amukpe area of Delat state on Monday afternoon.


According to information shared by journalist Sapele Oghenek, it was gathered that the woman was reportedly used for ritual by suspected internet fraudsters.


The journalist revealed that when she fell sick, she was rushed to a church where the pastor revealed that she was used for money ritual by internet fraudsters.


It was gathered that before her death, people observed that pus was coming out of her body.


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Tuesday Night News/Updates


Report reach us for studio say na this evening nai one boy wey dem dey call Vorgho Ahochra use IGP Squad take come pick one Moses Ekpekpe. This issue happen this evening as the IGP squad handcuffed the Vorgho all the way from Agbarho come Sapele. At the long run, dem carry Moses Ekpekpe enter the Hilux as dem zoom off. Na the area people nai con dey trace weytin happen, nai dem go Sapele Area Command to go confirm, but the issue nor too clear as dem say na either on Kidnapping issue or the case na about say dem go doke person wife. But dem later release Moses Ekpekpe because the police dem find out say the Vorgho dey lie as Moses hand nor dey for such case. We hear say na the IGP Squad dem nai give Moses Ekpekpe 1k wey he use take transport back to Sapele. As we dey report so, Moses Ekpekpe and friends dey rejoice say this trap nor fall on am because him na innocent. The said Vorgho according to reports wey reach us, na very stubborn person wey everybody don advise tire. We hope say he go commot for this koti wahala and turn a new leaf.

Report reach us for studio say na last nite nai one boy wey come from Ojolu go thief phone for one compound for Ogisi Lane by Adidi Road around 9pm. According to the report, one girl sit down for outside as light nor dey, God so kind dem quick bring the light last night as people still dey outside, just as the girl say make she fall their wooden chair, make she enter house nai the boy tap her wit long knife take face her chest say make she nor shout, say make she give am the phone, and she even carry baby for back, not knowing say one lady (Name Withheld) dey look dem dey observe, na she con raise alarm dey shout "thief, thief", naso the boy take carry the phone take run, so na people for the area come pursue am dem come catch am. As dem beat am. He nor gree call he real name, but he only make mention say he come from Ojolu and him na Arobarga. This incident happen for opposite Jolomi boyo Mama house, as na there he for thief the phone and he come run go Adidi Road as na there hand for touch the baggar idiot. Na him picture and video dey attached to this update so.

Report reach us for studio say big katakata nai take place yesterday for Otamuan quarter for Ogorode, under Sapele Okpe Community as na Edesiri Akpede nai dem give the quarter Chairman. We dey hear rumour say na issues wey dey play since between the current Sapele Okpe Community Chairman and one Mr William nai make kasala burst yesterday as na Edesiri Akpede nai carry some boys yesterday as he mobilize all he men men enter the bush to go fight the William boys but dem later subdue dem. We dey call on all warring parties to embrace peace and make the existing peace wey dey that quater nor elude the quater because of selfish reasons. We dey alert the elders to take over the case and re-position things for the better.

Report reach us for studio say rumour don dey fly follow town about one thing wey happen for Eko-Amukpe Yesterday. One girl wey dem dey call Sarah Ilaya wey her facebook name na It'z Sarah B. Gold die yesterday afternoon around 3:00pm. We hear say she fall victim of those yahoo+ guys along the line she dem don use her for rituals. She fall sick Thursday 9th May 2019. She get the attack and naso dem take her go one church where the Pastor con tell her say he see rituals and she need prayer and na only God nai go intervene. We hear say before she die, she start to dey see pux coming out from her body. Even though say this rumour dey spread, we dey use this update to serve as lessons to our girls out there. E dey so sad to see our young girls used for rituals thereby living the family in pains and sorrowful situation. May her soul rest in peace, Amen. Na her picture nai dey attached to this update so.

Report reach us for studio say some Police men wey mount illegal road block for New Road, today nai forcefully carry our Sapele Mega Music Artist wey dem dey call Wonder J from one White Toyota Camry. Despite say Wonder J face dey the motor in line with he forth coming show, the Police Officers dem still harrass am and force am put for their Hilux. During the process wey dem dey rush am enter their motor as them dey run nai dem jam okada man and passenger. Na this morning nai this thing happen and na by makalala house there nai same police take come hit the bike wey one of our follower for this forum as dem injure both the bike man and the passenger. These uniform criminals nor even stop to see if those wey dem jam dey Okay, naso dem zoom leave the guy wey injured and the damaged the bike and even all the things wey the guy go buy for the market destroy. E go reach one stage, all these deaf ears wey Area Command dey place on he Boys excesses so, e go result to something else. Make unu release Wonder J with immediate effect, because he show dey come up May 19th. Na the pictures of the guy wey injure so, nai dey attached to this update.

Report reach us for studio say make we call on parents to dey vigilant as we hear say one school for Ugberikoko Road (Name Withheld), dem collect the nails, blood and hair from one pikin for the schools. This thing happen recently for Sapele here and the school belong to one Church along Ugberikoko Road. According to the information, in the process of cutting the nails, dem con make am look like say na accidental injury to collect the blood. The pikin con report the incident to the parents. The Pastor and he wife con beg one of the teachers wey dey attend their church say make she aggree say na she nai cut the nails and dem go compensate her, but the teacher refused and resigned from the school. Now we dey hear say the Pastor and he wife dey make claims say dem don send the teacher away from d school becos of the act, but all dat claim na lie. The girl resigned becos dem dey compel her to say yes to something wey she nor do, and also two teachers don leave the school as well after this incident. We also hear tori say the pastor even gathered he church elders to accuse and swear for the girl. Now, the girl also stopped the church presently. We go look more inward into this case as we call on parents to checkmate their children and also teach their kids to talk weytin happen for school.

Report reach us for studio say make we call on those bike riders for Cemetery By Ogodo Road Junction wey dey read NewsPaper for there in the morning say make dem nor dey pack bike block Road. That place na Round About. To avoid any eventuality, make those wey dey sell newspaper dey caution the bike riders say make dem dey shift from road. Also, that blocking of road dey serve as danger and risk to those wey dey use leg dey pass there because dat time wey dem dey wan dodge bike, car wey dey wan revise fit hit somebody, because 3 Days back nai one car driver punch bike rider for face base on say e block Road. Also attached to this update na video of Olympia today wey bikes block road and almost cause accident all in the name say dem wan buy tickets. Make the relevant authorities caution dem, this kind character fit lead to the outright of bikes for this town.

Report reach us for studio say, the way some women wey dey sell for Gana Market dey use their children dey do rubbish work for late night nor good at all. Those kids nor dey up to 10yrs, yet dem dey deprive dem the chance to sleep or read their books as at when due. We dey call on their mothers to stop that rubbish act make the children fit face their books.

Report reach us say due to the okada ban, some boys don dey use that opportunity dey stand for the road wey lead to Urhukpa near those bridge, as dem dey collect people phones. The recent one na the one wey happen that on Sunday after that rain wey fall. We dey call on vigilante to beef up security to that such ugly incidents go give way.

Report reach us for studio say make we call on the people wey dey in charge of Okpe Road Street Light say the way and manner wey dem take dey operate the light nor good. Dem go ON am for one day and OFF am for three to four days and na line 33 dem take dey run am. The people of Sapele dey request the company wey dey incharge to dey try to dey ON the street light everyday because light nai be life.


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