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Monday, 27 May 2019

Photos: man tortured to death by vigilante group in Enugu after being accused of buying stolen items

A Patent medicine dealer identified as Chibueze Urama, was allegedly murdered by Arji members of neighborhood watch in Arji community Enugu Ezike, in Igbo Eze North LGA. 



According to reports, Urama who who from UmuIdoko, Ogrute, was tortured to death by the group after he was accused of receiving stolen goods from a suspected thief from Aji.

An Eyewitness on Facebook wrote;

'The dead body you see below is Chibueze from Ogrute Enugu Ezike selling medicine (Chemist shop) at Ezetech Plaza Imufu E/E, he was invited by Aji Vigilante group to answer some questions because there was burglar incident in a chemist shop in Aji of which a suspect was arrested and he mentioned the same Chibueze as one of those that he use to sell his stolen items to, Chibueze honored the Vigilante invitation only for them to demand #30,000 for bail out of which he paid after being proven to be innocent but the continue to torture him him to death, though the matter in police now but the group have disappeared. Put mouth for this matter to still have neighbourhood watch or not ?"


Over 18 people have been killed in Aji in the last four years, without the killers being apprehended and prosecuted.



Meanwhile, Comrade Uwakwe Ezeja,the Executive Chairman of Igbo-Eze North, condemned  the  killing of Mr. Urama by the people of Aji community. He called on the people of Ogrute to hold their peace as ''violence may not solve the matter but will deteriorate the situation.''


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