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Friday, 10 May 2019

Photos: Angry Mob in Bayelsa state gives two Phone Snatchers a beating of their life


These two thieves were given a through beating that could have forced them to turn a new leaf.


They were apprehend in the course of a failed robbery operation and then beaten mercilessly.

They were left with bloodied faces and torn clothes. Their victim named Betty gave a full account below:


According to Betty who lives in Bayelsa, the two boys robbed her yesterday and were caught. They were beaten to pulp.


'As I gallant like dis na mi dis boyz bin wan carry shine dis afternoon, but las las thunder fire dem, as I cum out 4 pos stand na so dem carry gun point mi korokoro afternoon 4 green villa road Biogbolo, I take sm few minutes access dem, dem sey if I mumu dem go shot mi, dem collect my fone & moni enter back road, as dem move nia I follow dem, I Chase dem cum dey shout thief thief na so people cum out join the chasing, we finally catch dem 4 Custom road. Dis is the end of my Story'.

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