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Saturday, 25 May 2019

a prost¡tute is not a dignified person -Actor Okon Lagos

Nollywood actor, Ime Bishop Umoh aka Okon Lagos, has maintained that he does not regret saying prostitues do not have any dignity.

Recall that Okon came under serious attack some weeks ago after he shared a video on his Instagram page in which he reacted to the alleged r-pe of some women accused of prost¡tution in Abuja.

Over 70 women were arrested by the police officers in Utako and the women alleged that the officers took turns to sexually assault them, using sachet water nylon as condom. Okon in his video said the women cannot claim they were r-ped because they are prostitutes and do not have any dignity.

In this new interview, Okon says he does not regret his comment. The father of two said he does not in anyway justify r-pe but he was astonished that as much as social media users were condemning r-pe, they were not also condemning prostitution which he believes is an immoral act.

He said,

“I live my life in such a way that I live for the best and hope for the worst so things hardly shock me. I saw the backlash coming but I didn’t know it was going to get that sort of attention. I saw it coming; I knew I might be misunderstood depending on the level of comprehension of my audience. Humour waters down the sensitivity of some issues. Euphemism is saying something that is very harsh in a mild way. I didn’t justify r-pe in any way.
The issue people had with what I said was that I likened r-pe to theft and that I said prost¡tutes do not have dignity. My assertion was to clarify the fact that r-ping a prostitute is theft and they don’t have dignity. My assertion is metaphorical. If I wanted to use a simile, I would say r-pe is like theft. R-pe is taking a woman’s dignity without her consent. I don’t regret saying that prost¡tutes do not have dignity; no one would be proud to introduce themselves as a commercial s-x hawker.
Speaking further, Okon said

“I wanted to be fair in my analysis; I was trying to point out the fact that prost!tution is a wrong act, so we shouldn’t be malicious by talking about only r-pe. Why are we canonising one criminal act and demonising the other? Both acts are morally wrong. I believe in humanism; as humans, we should observe the golden rule. I am not trying to say that I am a saint; in fact, I don’t want to be one so that there would be a difference between Jesus and me. It is unfortunate that some women were r-ped by policemen.
“I am not saying it serves them right, but I am also concerned about the immoral act; prostitution. The level of moral decadence in the country is worrisome. I even saw some public figures with verified social media accounts supporting the idea that prostitution should be legalised; I don’t want to call names. I won’t make comments about something insensitive like that. R-pe is bad, but prost¡tution should be addressed as an issue as well”.
He added that he doesn’t owe anyone an apology for his comment.
“Everybody around me is a woman; I have a wife and two daughters; my respect for women is inevitable. I am not going to be shaken; a prost¡tute is not a dignified person. According to Lucky Dube; ‘the terrible thing about the truth is that, when you say it, you always stand alone.’ I am brave enough to say the truth and nothing will happen to me. I don’t owe anyone an apology,” he said

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