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Friday, 26 April 2019

Photos: Beautiful Street Hawker Warns Social Media Users Trying to Flirt With Her.

Chioma Ezenwugo is a young girl who has become an internet sensation after publicizing her hard life.


She is into the sale of roasted plantain called 'bole' as well as yam which she uses in financing her education.

Miss Ezenwugo has cultivated the habit of sharing her struggles on social media with pictorial evidence. This has brought her so much sympathy and some hawks have been striving to date her.


This has forced her to issue what could be called a 'press statement on her Facebook page as seen below:


"To whom its may concern

Guys pls dnt slid in DM cause u have seen a young girl who u think is pretty,innocent BT jobless and u feel u can take advantage of by praising her with good words nd showing off stuffs dat u don't have. Well sorry to burst ur bubbles as side schooling am a hustlers this is wat I do to help to myself with sch nd to substain this pretty face ur seeing. Plz dnt cum to my DM everytime and asking to cum to ur Hus like am one jobs less person that has nothing doing others than going to visit some random fb guys everyday nd pls if i tell u am busy just no am busy it not pride abeg thank u



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