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Monday, 29 April 2019

'I Don't Know When You Will Die' - Nigerian Woman Rejects Soldier's Marriage Proposal


A Nigerian soldier's has been disappointed after his girlfriend said no to his marriage proposal.

According to him, he common a heartbreak story, he has been dating his girlfriend for five years, before he decided to pop the question only for him to be turned down.


The soldier disclosed that the lady’s love towards him swerved after he joined the armed forces and was posted to Maiduguri in Borno state and as such, she said she won’t be able to marry him because she doesn’t know when he will die.


Below is the story,

“I met this girl for over five years now and we have been dating,she made me to believe that she loves me so much, that she can’t do without me. I showed all the love as much as I can provided her with everything. Two Years after meeting her,i joined the army and I was posted to Maiduguri and I have been there making plans on how to get married to this lady not knowing that she has her own plans.

Since I joined the military, her attitude changed a little bit though I can’t figure out what’s actually the problem.not until I came back to propose to girlfriend with my heart full of joy hoping to get a positive answer, all of a sudden this lady looked into my eyes and said she can’t marry me, we can date but she won’t be able to marry me because she don’t know when i will die.

Since then I have been in thinking mood because I can’t believe what I heard from the lady I love so much." 

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