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Monday, 25 March 2019

Woman sustain a serious injuries For Refusing To Sleep With a bus driver.

A woman has been physically assaulted after allegedly turning down an offer to date and sleep with a bus driver. 

A bus driver has left a woman with serious bruises after she reportedly refused to sleep with him.


It was gathered that the rejected bus driver allegedly beat the woman and left her with injuries all over her body.


The wounded woman who was taken to the hospital for treatment, notified the Due Process Advocates (DPA) which has promised to take up the case and bring the man to justice.


The sad incident happened in a state in Nigeria.


Below is what was shared online:

"The case of the lady who refused to date a bus driver, was actually beaten by the man. Investigation shows the incident happened. The man was annoyed that she said no. He said that he would not take no for an answer.

"DPA has a serious concern here. Why should a woman fear that if she refuses to sleep with a man, he could beat her up, which is an alternative way to rape her? So, we are taking this very seriously.

"The pictures here show the injuries he inflicted on her for saying no to him."

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