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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Photos: Young Nigerian bride-to-be reportedly dies in her sleep

A young lady known as Ade Ngufan from Benue State reportedly died last week.

According to posts and comments by friends online, Ade reportedly went to sleep 

on 10th of march  and didn't wake up the next morning, She was not sick prior to her death.

Another friend of the deceased, Jennifer Mngu said she was set to tie the knot.

"Can't believe u left me I was expecting to come for ur wedding now u re no more z it a dream or wat? God z high tym u intervene seriously

We always hope n trust in u but Y ?" She wrote.

Another wrote:

"Ade Ngufan... We wia neva friends, we neva talked to each Oda, I despised u for a reason same way u did...  But neva in my wildest imagination did I ever think death will come knocking so soon. How can u b fine just to sleep and not wake up d next morning? I neva wished u dat. Oh how it hurts dat I didn't get d opportunity to make things right with you.  I just pray God forgives our short comings and accept ur soul... Rest in peace dear "

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