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Sunday, 24 March 2019

A Lot Of People Show Off Lies On Instagram - Timaya


Timaya, a Nigerian reggae dancehall singer, has spoken against people living fake life on social media, saying “a lot of people show off lies on the gram.”

The 38-years-old singer, whose actual name is Enitimi Alfred Odom, afterwards, urged people to work hard enough to attain the financial status they portray rather than display what they don’t have.

“The better you start working very hard and show less on Instagram the better for you. A lot of people show of lies on the gram and don’t work hard to back it up,” he wrote on Friday.

“I am talking about my life right now because I’m balanced now and didn’t need to show nothing because I was working hard and still work hard.

“So you want to just come live on Instagram, show off things that are not yours or carry a girl’s bag that is not yours? Do you think that’s life?

“Nobody cares, about what you have. Just work hard because financial freedom is the key.”

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