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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Graphics: Zambian Government Worker Under Fire After Her Nude Picture Leaked Online.

A Zambian government worker is making the rounds online after her nude picture emerged on social media and has now gone viral.

According to reports, the woman who is believed to be a staff at the office of Miles Sampa, the Mayor of Lusaka city, Zambia, sent her bathroom selfie/ nude picture to her lover which was later leaked online.

This has gotten the woman heavily criticised and lambasted by internet users for the embarrassing act.

A lecturer of Clinical Pharmacology at The University of Zambia -UNZA, identified as Larry took to Facebook to warn women about the danger of sending nude pictures to their partners in the name of love.

He wrote; Zambian women why ? This one works in the same office as our Lusaka mayor.

Please sisters if anyone asks for pictures of such nature, ask them to send theirs first or tell them to come and get it in person 🤣. If you decide to send him a picture send acceptable images worse off, cover your face.

Bushe why are these stories one sided it’s like each week there is a scandal by a ZED woman?

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