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Wednesday, 28 November 2018


A 49-year-old civil servant identified as Abolarinwa Olaoye, this morning, hanged himself within the Ekiti state Secretariat in Ado Ekiti.

The body of the father of five, who was a night guard at the Ekiti State Scholarship Board, was found hanged with a clothing material to the railing of a building at the Ministry of Education.

Olaoye, according to his coworkers, came to her around 4.30pm on Tuesday and lamented the acute financial problems he had been encountering of recent.

On her part, his sister-in-law, Mrs Elizabeth Babalola, said: “He came to me around 4.30pm on Tuesday and started lamenting that his house rent was due and that he could not pay due to irregular salary payment.

He said he was also indebted to the government through housing and
car loans he obtained. He also complained about his inability to meet other financial commitments to his wife’s family.

He told me he could go ahead and do something nasty. He told me clearly that he was tired of life. I tried to persuade him not to resort to anything nasty. I told him life is full of ups and downs and that he should just endure, but I never knew he would end this way.”

Babalola added that the deceased engaged in commercial motorcycle operation and farming to augment his salary.

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